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Dr, W. H. Pouter, of New York, thought that the Order Thorazine Online vicarious action of the liver and kidney was not under- stood, but he attached importance to it, and thought work should be undertaken upon this assumption. Augusts. 1907.1 PROCEEDINGS Purchase Thorazine Online OF SOCIETIES. ^31 Dr. Henderson, in closing, remarked that insuffi- ciency did not reside so much in the kidney as in some other part of the body, and was reflected upon the kid- ney. Where caffeine did not act as a diuretic Generic Thorazine it was too concentrated and much water should be allowed. The patient should be " moist." Buy Thorazine The Therapeutics Thorazine 10 Mg of Bright s Disease, Based Upon Its .ffitiology. — This paper was read by Dr. \\". H Porter, of New York. It was presumed, he said, that all medicines were intended to remove the cause, but the cause was often unknown. Under the term Bright's disease there were several varieties of kidney lesions : (i) Parenchymatous; (2) interstitial tissue lesions: and (3) a combination of the two. There was a wide range between the parenchymatous and interstitial, and several distinct pathological entities. As soon as the balance of metabolism was lost Thorazine Iv retrograde changes would Thorazine 50 Mg occur. Such a congestion or excess of work thrown upon the kidney might produce a true inflam- mation. It was highly probable that different kinds of bacteria produced different kinds of action on the kidney. Their toxic products would also differ. It was the bacteria acting upon the proteids in the ali- mentary canal which produced the to.xic material and acted after absorption upon the renal epithelium. The interstitial Thorazine Uses was more complicated, but the principle was the same. It was hard to explain the development cf connective tissue, but it was known that it was due to the nutriment supply brought to the part, increasing thj production of connective tissue. If the arterial capil- laries were contracted or expanded heyo:d their Buy Cheap Thorazine phys- iological limits the nutriment would be insufficent. Augmentation of the blood supply might he brought about by toxines which would in time paralyze the nerve endings, dilating the bloodvessels and increasing the flow of blood to that part. There were a large number of .-etiological factors coming into play. Our whole therapeutics should be worked out on these lines, and by dietetics, baths, and medication Thorazine 200 Mg we could elimi- nate any one of the causative agents. Our success must depend Thorazine Online on our ability to seek out the Thorazine Chlorpromazine single etiological factor of many Order Thorazine possible ones and direct our medication and hygiene to this end. How Bright's diseasi' might b.^cnme Thorazine 25 Mg a surgical affection he cou'd not comprehend, or how surgery could remove this mul- tiplicity of toxines was irrational. Such treatment wa= not scientific. Indications for the Radical Mastoid Operation and Its Results. — Dr. W. S. P.rvant. of New York, spoko on this subject. See Ixxxv, page 1212. Dr. T. E. Sattertiiw.mte, of New York, Thorazine Bipolar spoke of improved audition after mjcration. and conimcnded it. Dr. W. H. Purchase Thorazine Porter said it was still a qucs'ion whether it was best to maintain caries ami hearing or stop caries and lose hearing. He believed Thorazine 100 Mg we should wait for an explosion, and then operate, as he had known deaf- ness to follow the operation. Dr. Frederick ("Ierrish observed that the infection ,of the mcnibranes of the brain or septic thrombosis wns to be borne in minBuy Thorazine Online the explosion ' the neglected mastoiditis was worse than a neg- d appendix. He staled that he alw.c\s sent every '•nt to an nurist as soon .\< ho iliacimsiicated such ISC. and he recollected \ividlv a patient literally 'chcil from death by prompt measures. I'r. W. S. Bryant, in concluding the discussion, ' that the radical operation was done for suppura- M only and not for mastoiditis, for they were two iiict operations. Often it was nccessarv to gn far

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