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b}^ Dr. E. H. Grandin, and continued by Dr. E. A. Ayers, Dr. M. McLean, Dr. Austin Flint, Jr., Dr. J., O. Polak, Dr. J. D. Voorhees, and others. Charles F. Adams, M. D., chairman ; Arnold Sturmdorf. i\I. D., secretary, 51 West Seventy- fourth Street. PHILADELPHIA. American Oncologic Hospital. — At a meeting of the trustees, held last month. Dr. G. Oram Ring was elected consulting ophthalmic surgeon to this hospital. Personal. — Dr. Alfred Cheap Tofranil Gordon has been ap- pointed chief of the clinic of nervous and mental disease at Jefferson Medical College and Tofranil Mg exam- iner of the insane at the Philadelphia General Hospital. The Ladies' Auxiliary of the Mount Sinai Hos- pital opened a bazaar at 507 South Buy Cheap Tofranil Eighth Street on the evening of February loth. The proceeds will be devoted to the needs of the hospital, which is to be dedicated in the near future. License of a Lying-in Establishment Revoked. — On February 2nd the board of health revoked the license of Mrs. IMatilda Hughes for the main- tenance of a lying-in establishment at 503 North Sixth Street, because of irregularities which were reported to the board by the coroner. Appointed to the State Board of Medical Ex- aminers.^The Governor of Pennsylvania sent to the Senate on February ist the names of W. D. Hanaker, of Meadville, and M. P. Dickeson, of Glen Riddle, as his appointees on the Pennsyl- vania State Board of j\fedical Examiners for three }-ears. Annual Dinner at Southern Dispensary. — The directors of the Southern Purchase Tofranil Dispensary, 318 Bain- bridge Street, held their annual dinner at the hos- Purchase Tofranil Online pital, at which they entertained the twenty-five members of the staff. The directors are : John Thompson, Tofranil 50 Mg Charles Thompson. John Tofranil Tablets Middleton, Dr. William H. Hickman, and Paul J. Fields. German Hospital Trustees Organize. — The trustees of the German Hospital organized for the year on Januarj' 31st with the election of the following officers : President, Hermann Hessen- Tofranil Price bruck ; vice-president, Buy Tofranil M. Richards Muckle ; sec- retary. Reverend F. Wischan : treasurer, Edmund R. Teubner: solicitor, Joseph G. Rosengarten. Concert for the Benefit of the University Hos- pital. — On Thursday afternoon. February 9th. the Philadelphia Orchestra gave a concert of popular music in Horticultural Hall for the benefit of the men's medical ward of the hospital of the Uni- versity of Pennsylvania. Order Tofranil Online Refreshments Buy Imipramine Online were Tofranil Uses served during the concert, which lasted from 3.30 to 6. Infallible Cure for Tuberculosis. Buy Imipramine — At the meet- ing of the Philadelphia County Medical Society on January 25th, Dr. Henry N. Fisher complained that two licensed practitioners of medicine were obtaining money from poor Italians in the south- eastern part of the city by professing to have an infallible cure for consumption. The matter was referred to the censors. 350 NEWS ITEMS. Officers of the Neurological Society. — The fol- lowing officers were elected at the meeting of the Philadelphia Neurological Society on December 24, 1904: President. Dr. Joseph Sailer; Generic Tofranil vice-presi- dents, Dr. Charles S. Potts and Dr. William Pick- ett ; Tofranil Online secretar}-; Theodore H. Weisenburg ; treas- urer, Dr. T. H. W. Rhein : council. Dr. Charles K. Mills, Dr. William G. Spiller, Dr. D. J. McCarthy. State Hospital for Tuberculosis. — In the State legislature. Representative Hutt, of Philadelphia, introduced a bill on February ist. for the selec- tion of a Tofranil Pm site and the erection of a State hospital for the treatment of incipient tuberculosis. The institution is to be located within the limits of the State forestry reservation in Franklin county, of which from 500 to 1,000 acres are set aside, and an appropriation of $200,000 is provided by the bill for the accomplishment of its provisions. Polyclinic Hospital. — The following is a state- ment of the work done at the Polyclinic Hospital and College for graduates in Order Tofranil medicine during Jan- uary, 1905: Patients admitted to house, 124; pa- tients Buy Tofranil Online Tofranil Cost discharged, 104; new patients treated in

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