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to both. Those who practised the medicinal arts were hound by jirofessional obligations to report the results of discoveries to the common generic trazodone online fund of knowledge. The practice of pharmacy, as well as drug therapeutics, should be restricted to properly qualified and licensed practitioners. It buy trazodone hydrochloride was even more important that nianu facturing houses be licensed. The buy trazodone nianufacturcr with his cheap trazodone no prescription skilled chemists made great discoveries and brought out new products. Dr. H. C". Wood, Jr., of Philadelphia, took issue with Dr. Stewart. Mc believed that very few useful drugs hari been put out buy trazodone sleep by the manufacturing chemists, and that wo would be better off if Perkins had never dis- Cftvcrofl conllar producls. buy trazodone online uk The aTiiline dves were cheap and gaudv, ami did not last, and the coallar cheap trazodone drugs were in the same class. He believed that the good that coal- tar products Itid done was being ncutrali/ed by the harm. Dr. buy trazodone online no prescription of the Bureau of Chemistry, thought that the stanflnrdization was a most laiid.ible mider- taking. The nrw Federal law would control many of the patent medicine frauds, the preposterous claims of which in " cure alls " attracted the public. They had no standing when brought into court, and fraud orders could be- issued by the post office. Comparative Clinical Observations of the Results of Different generic trazodone hcl Iron Preparations, — Dr. Eli H. Long, of Buttalo, X. Y., in reading this paper, stated that he had made a series of tests to determine whether the peptonates or the organic salts of trazodone discount coupon iron as buy trazodone generic exploited by various persons were any better than the official inor- ganic salts. how much do trazodone cost Nine patients were treated for chlorosis and ansmia. There were fourteen observations from two to thirty days. There were two classes ; in the first class were seven patients who showed little or no im- provement, while the seven patients of the second class showed marked improvement. In the first class the organic preparations were trazodone cost without insurance used in six cases and the official in one case. In the second class the organic salts were used in two cases and the official salts in five. From these tests he reached the conclusion that official salts were far superior to the organic salts. Dr. H. C. Wood. Jr.. commended Dr. Longs pajjer. He said that the reason for the belief in the superiority of organic salts was due to a misconception of the action of iron in the intestines. Dr. O. T. Osborne decried the exploiting of so mam' new drugs. \\'hat we needed was a curtailing of the pharmacopoeia. We needed and should use sim- ple drugs. Personally he did not use these new prep- arations. He had obtained good results with thyreoid and iron in chlorosis. Dr. D. Olin Leech, of Washington. D. C. how much does trazodone cost used the official salts, especially the tincture of iron chloride. Dr. H. B. Sm.all depended on the tincture of the chloride and Blaud pills, and did not use the advertised organic salts. Dr. Kebler commended the fair way in which Dr. Long carried along his experiments and gave his re- sults. He asserted that men in the profession should be careful in reading papers before societies recom- buy trazodone hcl mending any of the new products, as the manufacturer read these papers and used them as evidence of the value of their product. This embarrassed the Post Office Department in case a fraud order was to be is- sued against the house making preposterous statements for one of their products, to have the firm bring a paper from some one eminent in the profession extoll- ing the drug. The Bureau of Chemistry should have the backing and cooperation of the generic trazodone cost medical profession in order to make it most ettective. Dr. Wilson said that some of the buy trazodone uk proprietary prep- arations of iron were good, but no better than official salts. He did not see anything to take the place of the syrup of iron iodide. He had had excellent results in gonorrhreal arthritis with this preparation. The inor- ganic salts were indispensable. Dr. Long was pleased that his deductions had met with the general approval of the meeting. kiool; ilotitcs. The Control of a Scourge, or How Cancer is Curable. By Charles P. Childe. R. .\.. F. R. C. S., Surgeon, Roval buy trazodone 50 mg Portsmouth Hospital. N'ew generic trazodone 50 mg York: !•'. P. Dut- ton & Co.. igoj. Pp. -' anil

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