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ctTeclive public service in its lack of interest in this 234 BOOK NOTICES. iiiovenient. II ciiuuot be doubled ibal the comparatively slow progress of the crusade against intemperance in this country is due in great measure Purchase Trental Online to the ignorant Trental 100 Mg zeal of sentimental lay leaders Buy Cheap Trental and the unscientific character of much of their literature. The second in chronological order of the great social diseases to be combated by a systematic campaign of popular educa- tion is tuberculosis, and the results already achieved constitute one Buy Trental of the triumphs of modern medicine. There are now indications in the programme of the Society for Sanitary and Moral Prophylaxis, and of Trental Indications like organizations abroad, of an effort to take up in a similar way the question of venereal disease. Mr. Childe would add cancer to the list of diseases which can be effectively dealt with only by popular agitation and instruction. He justly deplores the melancholy re- sults of treatment, due to the late period at which most patients are operated upon. He emphasizes the essen- tial curability of cancer by proper surgical treatment Order Trental when the disease is still confined to its local origin, the importance of the early diagnosis is insisted upon, and in plain, simple language he describes the symptoms of incipient malignant disease, which every one should know. His work is written with enthusiasm, but is Order Trental Online throughout temperate and judicious, its teaching is sound, and it is a model of the kind of medical book, not easy to write, which may be safely placed in the hands of the public. Epilepsy and Epileptics. Transactions of the National Association for Trental Injection the Study of Epilepsy and the Care and Treatment of Epileptics. Sixth Annual Meet- ing, Trental Tablets held at New Haven, Conn., November 8, 1906. Volume IV. Edited by William P. Spratling, M. D., Permanent Editor of the National Associa- tion for the Study of Epilepsy and the Care and Treatment of Epileptics, Medical Superintendent of the Craig Colony for Epileptics, etc. 1906. Trental Price Pp. 322. The National Association for the Study of Epilepsy is doing good work if the appearance Pentoxifylline Trental of the present fourth volume of its Transactions is any criterion of the quality of its performances. Here are presented in an available and handsome volume of over 300 pages the best thought on the recent advances in the study of epilepsy and also an excellent summary of Trental 400 the progress that is being made in the furtherance of the custodial care Purchase Trental and treatment of the epileptics in this country. Transactions of this kind, we believe, are worth while and deserve commendation. The volume itself should be in the hands of all those interested in the Trental Generic subject, and it is a powerful argument urging more physicians in the country to ally themselves with an association doing such excellent and progressive work. Not a little credit is due to the industrious and in- defatigable secretary, Dr. W. P. Spratling. Modern Medicine; its Theory and Practice. In Ori- ginal Contributions by American and Foreign Authors. Edited by William Osler, M. D., Regius Professor of Medicine in Oxford University, etc.. assisted by Thomas McCrae, M. D., Associate Professor of Medicine and Clinical Therapeutics in the Johns Hop- kins University. Volume II. Infectious Diseases. Illustrated. Philadelphia and New York : Lea Broth- ers & Co., 1907. Pp. Generic Trental X- 1 7 to 828. (Price, cloth, $6; leather, $7; Trental Cost half Trental Mg morocco, $7.50.) It is gratifying to note that this great work is pro- ceeding rapidly to its completion. It is but little more than two months since we reviewed the first voliime, now we arc called upon to notice the second, and it is announced that the third is already in press. This sec- ond volume is of peculiar interest to the general prac- titioner because it deals with the diseases with which, most of them, he Buy Trental Online comes in contact most frc(|ucntly. The volume ijpcn> with an instructive Introduction to the Study of Infectious Diseases, by Dr. Ludvig llek- toen. Then the individual diseases are treated of — typhoid fever (in five chapters), by Dr. Thomas Mc- Crae; typhus and relapsing fever (in two chapters), by Dr. McCrae; smallpox, by Dr. William T. Councilman; vaccination (vaccinia), by Dr. George Dock; chicken- pox, by Dr. Councilman; scarlet fever, by Dr. John H. McCollom; measles, rubella, "the fourth disease," and erythema infectiosum (all in one chapter), by Dr. John Ruhriih ; diphtheria, by Dr. McCollom ; whoojjing cough and mumps (in two chapters), by Dr. Kuhrah ; in- fluenza, by Dr. Frederick T. Lord; dengue, by Dr Thomas D. Coleman ; epidemic cerebrospinal menin- gitis, by Dr. Henry Koplik ; erysipelas, by Dr. James M. Anders; lobar pneumonia (in three chapters), by Dr. John H. Musser and Dr. George William Norris; toxaemia, septicaemia, and pyaemia (in one chapter), by Dr. Richard M. Pearce; acute rheumatism, by Dr. Frederick J. Poynton ; Asiatic cholera, by Dr. W. P. Dunbar ; yellow fever, by Dr. James Carroll ; plague, by Trental Online Dr. \V. J. Calvert; and bacillary dysentery, by Dr.

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