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K. Shiga. Though this is not a full list of the infec- tious Tricor Cost diseases, it is sufficiently comprehensive for a vol- ume. We have no hesitation in saying Tricor Coupon that Dr. Tricor 145 TMcCrae's chapters on typhoid fever constitute one of the most satisfactory treatises on Buy Tricor that subject. The author has the happy faculty of always keeping the needs of the practitioner in mind. Dr. McCrae is necessarily con- servative Tricor Coupons regarding the practice of protective inocula- tion against typhoid fever, and he prudently Cheap Tricor cautions us against resorting to it Tricor 145 Mg during an epidemic, because for Tricor Fenofibrate the time being it seems to impair the natural resisting power of the system. He thinks that such protection as it does give appears to last for about two years. " It would certainly seem wise," he says, " to carry it out among Tricor 48 Mg troops who are going to infected districts." Equally uncertain thus far, according to Dr. McCrae, are the results Tricor Mg of the various forms of serum treatment of the disease. Naturally the most interesting feature of an article on smallpox by Dr. Councilman is found in the sec- tion devoted to the .'etiology, for his own investigations of that subject have been" exceptionally thorough. The relations between smallpox and vaccinia, as regards the lesion following inoculation, are given with great clear- ness. Dr. Ruhrah's remarks on the " Koplik spots " of measles are exceedingly judicious, and we are inclined to admit the justice of his statement that " the most valuable recent contribution to measles has been made by Koplik." Concerning Dukes's " fourth disease," Dr. Ruhrah remarks that Ker " renders what he calls the Scottish verdict of ' not proven,' which is very generally accepted." Dr. Ruhrah concludes with an interesting description of a disease Purchase Tricor thus far unknown in America, first described by Escherich in 1896 and named by Strieker erythema infectiosum. Dr. Koplik speaks hopefully of the therapeutic re- sults of lumbar puncture in cases of epidemic cerebro- spinal meningitis characterized by a sudden onset with symptoms of complete collapse. He says Coupons For Tricor : " When lum- bar puncture is made twenty-four hours after the on- set, after such a period of collapse as Tricor Price has been de- scribed, the fluid sometimes spurts several feet. In such cases Order Tricor the relief of the intraventricular pressure is really a life saving procedure." Dr. Musser and Dr. Norris agree with all unpreju- diced observers that at present we have no specific for pneumonia, but they add the declaration that " such a specific must come through the development of serum therapy." They heartily approve of Northrup's fresh air treatment. August 3, 1907.] OFFICIAL NEWS. 235 Apart from its intrinsic value, particular interest at- taches to Dr. Shiga's chapter on bacillar)- dysentery by reason of the fact that, with " as few changes as pos- sible," the English is his own. It is certainly very clear to have been the work of an Oriental. We have thus mentioned onlj' the features of the volume that have attracted our special attention, but every chapter contained in it is of distinct value. Though Dr. Osier's own writing does not figure for- mally in it, his watchful supervision is evident through- out, especially in the foot note on page 693. We have noticed but very few typographical errors and slips of expression, and they are such as will readily be cor- rected by the reader. The volume is a w-orthy successor to the first one, and we must again express our opinion that the completed work will Buy Tricor Online take its place as Tricor 145mg one of the classics of medical literature. BOOKS, PAMPHLETS, ETC., RECEIVED Practical Fever Nursing. By Edward Tricor Online C. Register. i\I. D., Professor of the Practice of Medicine in the North Carolina Atedical College, etc. Illustrated. Philadelphia and London : W. B. Saunders Company, 1907. Transactions of the .'\merican Dermatological Associa- tion at its Thirtieth Annual Meeting, held in Cleveland. Ohio, May 31 and June i and 2, 1906. Official Report of the Proceedings, bv Grover VV. Wende, Secretary. Talks to First Year Nurses. By Alfred Tricor Prices T. Hawes, M. D. Boston : Whitcomb & Barrows, 1907. Transactions of the Obstetrical Society of London. Vol XLIX, for the year 1907. Part II, for March, April, and May. Edited by Herbert R. Spencer, M. D., and Robert Boxall, M. D. London : Published by the Society. 1907. Cost Of Tricor

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