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Deseay. — In Ruston, Louisiana, on Wednesday, July 17th, Dr. Alphonse Deseay, aged fifty-four years. Hopkins. — In Scranton, Pennsylvania, on Monday, July 22nd, Dr. Benjamin C. Hopkins, aged seventy-eight years. McElroy. — In Elizabeth, New Jersey, on Friday, July 26th, Dr. Lee McElroy, aged thirty years. McGoNiGLE.^In Belleville, New Jersey, on Friday, Generic Vasotec July 26th, Dr. William H. McGonigle, aged thirty years. Phillips. — In Omaha, Nebraska, on Sunday, July 21st, Dr. A. C. Phillips, aged fifty-two years. Radike, — In Burlington, Vermont, on Friday, July igtli. Dr. August J. Radike, aged fifty-one years. Stone. — In Chicago, on Thursday, July i8th. Dr. Carl D. Stone, aged thirty-five years. Strong. — In Reading, Vasotec Enalapril Michigan, on I'^iday, July 26th, Dr Benjamin G. Strong, of Long Island City. N. Y. Webb. — In Chicago, on Wednesday. July 24th, Dr. Frank S. Webb, aged sixty-five years. Weber. — -In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Wednesday, July i7ih, I^r. Purchase Vasotec Frederick R. Weber, aged forty-three years. New York Medical Journal INCORPORATING THE Philadelphia Medical Journal rt Medical News A Weekly Review of Medicine, Established 184.J. \'0L. LXXX\'I, Xo. 6. NEW YORK, AUGUST 10, 1907. Whole 'No. 1497. 4BriginaI Communuations. THE URINE OF PREGNANCY.* By J. Clifton Vasotec 2.5 Mg Edgar, M. D., New York. Iv Vasotec We may well ask ourselves the question, Order Vasotec What does the study Vasotec 2.5 of the urine of pregnancy offer us? Has it any decided value? We believe such study has, first, a certain Buy Vasotec Online diagnostic Vasotec 5 Mg value, and, secondly, such Enalapril Vasotec study points the way to the prognosis and treat- ment. During pregnancy uranalysis, to-day, enables one to determine that the urine is Vasotec 20 Mg nonto.xic in character ; that a given case of persistent vomiting is toxsemic in character ; that a patient is in the preeclamptic state of the toxteniic or nephritic variety : that a given eclampsia is nephritic or toxa^mic ; and, finally, that after delivery it is possible to forecast the tardy or prompt recovery from a toxsemic Vasotec 5mg or nephritic condition. Possibly, however, uranalysis enables one to determine the presence of a complex disturb- ance or toxaemia, namely, where the symptoms of tox;emia due to faulty metabolism and those Vasotec 10 Mg due to nephritic lesions are combined. Nine months ago I presented to this society, in a paper upon the Clinical Vasotec Iv Manifestations of the Toxamia of Pregnancy, a study of sixty-two com- plete uranalyses in twenty-four patients in hospital Vasotec Hctz and private practice, together with the accompan_\- ing clinical symptoms. To-day Buy Vasotec I can add to these twenty-four analyses, making eighty-six in all, which have come Vasotec Mg under my personal observation. I have had, moreover, the opportunity of studying many in addition in the practices of my colleagues, but which I do not include in this number. My conclusions to-day, while somewhat modified, are practically those of nine months ago. Although wc have as yet too little data to estab- lish a normal Vasotec Uses pregnancy urine as regards the urea output, the total Vasotec Iv Push quantity in the twenty-four hours, a trace of albumin, and the departure from the nor- mal standard, as shown by the urinary nitrogen. "•11 wc have enough to enable one to fly the danger 111. the red flag, as the result of pregnancy i.dysis. "rmal pregnancy urine must not be persistently

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