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II in (juantity: tlie urea output must not be per- ntly low : it should not contain albumin, casts, xccssive quantities of indican. Moreover, the 1 nitrogen should be presented by proper pro- portions of the nitrogen vermox online compounds, as in the follow- ing table taken from Folin. The relation of the nitrogen of the nitrogeonus com- pounds of the urine to vermox price the total nitrogen : Per cent. Proportion of total nitrogen excreted as urea nitrogen 61.0 to 88.0 Proportion of total nitrogen excreted as ammonia nitrogen 13.6 to 2.9 Proportion of total nitrogen excreted as kreatinin nitrogen 17.2 to 2.7 Proportion of total nitrogen purchase vermox excreted as uric acid nitrogen 2.5 to 0.7 Proportion of total nitrogen excreted as undetermined nitrogen ii.i to 4.0 Low urea percentages I have failed to find relia- ble indices to kidney failure or vermox australia vermox for sale faulty metabolism. I. For the presence of serum albumin in the urine, especially when accompanied by casts. I have the utmost respect. It has greater significance order vermox to me than when appearing in the nonpregnant state. The belittling of the importance of albumin and casts found in the urine of pregnant women, so commonly heard to-day, has, in my opinion, cost the loss of many valuable lives. Study of the urine of pregnancy leads one to be- lieve that the presence of albumin and casts in the urine has a two and possibly a three fold significance : (i). First, it may be the only diagnostic sign of the presence of a defective kidney condition, a chronic or an vermox tablets incipient nephritis, a danger signal that the preeclamptic state is already upon us, or that eclampsia itself is already imminent. Allow me to illustrate by citing a case in brief : Case. — Mrs. D. S. W. I saw four years ago, in con- vermox otc sultation with Dr. W. B. McBean, of this city, in the last month of her first pregnancy, and in the midst of an eclamptic attack. This attack liad come on suddenly and unexpectedly, without previous symptoms of a tox.Tmic condition, as headache, giddiness, excessive vomiting, vermox suspension slight jaundice, mental and physical torpor, vermox worms itching of the skin. etc. High arterial tension vermox 100mg was present at the time, the urine was nearly solid with albumin, and contained quantities of generic vermox hyaline and granu- lar casts. I dilated the cervix, extracted a living child, and the patient apparently made an uninterrupted re- covery. In November of the present year vermox oral suspension this patient was again seen by mo. in consultation, in the third or fourth month of her second pregnancy, the question being a» to the advisability of permitting the gestation to con- tiiute. The urine at this vermox tablet time had a specific gravity of 1.012; urea, J. 39 vermox syrup |>cr cent.; indican increased; albumin a trace; glucose none; few hyaline casts and lenco- cvtes; no red blood cells; acetone and acetoacetic acid Cop.vrlKlif, lI'i'T, !>>• A. II. vermox for worms ICi.t.iOTr I'liii.isiiiNO Co, :3>^ EDGAR: THE URINE OF mebendazole vermox PREGNANCY none. An exaniinalinn fur tlic urinary nitrogen showed : Total nilroi,"-n 0.770 % = 8.4a-J Kiam- in .J I Ins. Urea iiihcsini 0.6180% =80.0 , i ui ;ii i-u , .-. vermox for children n. .\nini,iiii;; nitroeen 0.0392%= r,.ll i . i , ! i r n.^- ;i. I'lirin nilrogonT 0.0225% = 2.9 = I..I :il nit . ,,-rn. C'reatinin nitrogpii 0.0358% = i.O % lotal nitro^'on. I'ndetofmined nitioKeii 0.05.37 % = 6.9 % total nitrogen. This urine showed buy vermox a slightly defective renal condi-

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