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guage function, is Vytorin Online present. This, of course, Vytorin Generic Name as rule, is easy. We have to exclude simulationJ hysteria, mental disease, and defect of the peripIiH eral organs of speech or dysarthria. Then we musB qualify this general clinical diagnosis to Merck Vytorin show whaq factors in language are injured. For this purpose one tests the patient for defects in the various fac-^ tors that go into the make-up of human Buy Vytorin languageJ both on the side of understanding and emitting itg symbols. In testing the capacity of an individual to under-j stand others, or to express himself in all possible ways, we examine : I, Voluntary speech; 2, exclamatory speech; 3J responsive speech ; 4. associative speech, such counting, saying alphabet, repeating familiar lines | 5. qtiality of speech, such as paraphasia and confu4 sion ; stereotypy, jargon ; 6, repeating spoke words ; 7, indicating the number of syllables in word (to show that the patient knows that it is word); 8, waiting; 9, writing to dictation; loi Vytorin Discount Card copying; 11, singing (humming tunes) ; 12, gesturi ing; 13, understanding gestures; 14, understanding spoken words, sentences, and complex directions! 15, naming things seen, also felt, heard, touchedj smelled. or tasted ; 16, naming abstract Vytorin Cost things ant] qualities; 17, recalling to mind objects named; i8j reading under.standingly, aloud or silently ; 19! reading letters or numerals ; 20, reading aloud with-f out understanding; 21, praxia or knowledge of the* use of things ; 22, general intelligence. In Generic For Vytorin going Is There A Generic For Vytorin over these tests we get various special symptoms by which we qualify the aphasia. The principal symptoms are these : Inability to speak at all, or to say but a few words = aphemia. Difficulty in speech ^= paraphasia, = confusion, = jargon, = stereotypy. Inability to write r= agraphia. Inability to sing =: aniusia. Inability to name objects = anomia. August 10. 1007 ] DAXA: APHASIA. 241 Inability to understand words, sentences, com- plex directions = verbal aphasia, mind deafness. Inability to recognize or understand the use of things seen = mind blindness (visual apraxia). Inability to read Vytorin 10 Mg ^ alexia. All these factors Vytorin Generic Equivalent are usually easily elicited, and the aphasia is characterized accordingly. We de- tect other characteristics also, such as inability to copy, to repeat, to read letters or numerals, inability to understand or read music, loss of gesture lan- guage, but these are of less importance for our pur- pose. Of these qualifying characters of aphasia, it is really only a few which are important in reaching a diagnosis, i. e., such a diagnosis as I shall try to show is a practical one as distinguished from Vytorin Gel a metaphysical one, for it indicates the location and size Generic Vytorin 10 40 of the lesion and the vessels affected by it. These important qualifying symptoms are: i, Aphemia; 2, Is Vytorin A Statin paraphasia, jargon, etc.; 3, agraphia; 4, anomia ; 5. mind deafness and verbal deafness; 6, Generic For Vytorin 10 40 alexia ; Vytorin Price 7, inability to repeat or copy ; 8, the pres- ence or absence of word concepts. We must determine not only the presence or ab- sence of these symptoms, but the degree in 7uliich they Vytorin Cholesterol are impaired. This is an extremely important and rather neglected phase of the study of aphasia. For while aphasia often causes almost complete loss of speech, it equally often causes impairment of reading and understanding language, but in a less Vytorin Statin marked degree. Aphasia may be said to im- pair the different functions of language: i, Totally; 2, seriously ; 3. very slightly. In other words, we can usually qualify the injury as total, or first, of second or of third degree of severity. And in most cases the injury is either total or serious, Generic Name For Vytorin i. e., first or second degree. But we need not Cost Of Vytorin only the data thus obtained by a study of the aphasia, but also the physical symp- toms accompanying the disorder. These, if pres-

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