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be scrupulously clean before Order Zantac using. Sixth. No milk to be kept or sold from living rooms or any room connected with the stable. Seventh. Abso- lute Zantac Buy cleanliness of bottles and bottling apparatus. Eighth. Clean room for filling bottles. Nintli. Clean boxes for storage of bottles or cans, with J February i8, 1905.] ^EWS ITEMS. 351 drains connected to avoid Zantac Online sewer gas. Tenth. Type ; Dr. H. R. M. Landis, Tuberculosis of the Delivery wai^ons to be thoroughly clean, both Liver ; Dr. D. J. JNIcCarthy, two card specimens, inside and outside. Dr. A. C. Abbott has sug- The following was the programme of the gested the following measures, which he hopes Northern Medical Association at its meeting, the milk exchange will adopt: First. That all milk February loth : Etiology and Pathology Zantac 150mg of Dila-, cans be thoroughly washed before being returned tation of the Stomach, by Dr. Purchase Zantac Online E. B. Sharp, of to the farms or dairies. Second. That dairymen Camden, N. Cheap Zantac J., by invitation ; Diagnosis and Prog- and Zantac Coupon milk dealers generally effectively screen all nosis of Dilatation of the Stomach, by Dr. John rooms in which milk is handled, so as to exclude H. Musser, by invitation ; Medical Treatment of flies. Dilatation of the Stomach, by Dr. Albert Bern- heim ; Surgical Treatment of Dilatation of the The Health of the City.— Durmg the week end- gtomach, by Dr. John B. Deaver. The discus- ing February 4th, the followuig cases of trans- ^-^^^ ^^,^g opened bv Dr. J. P. Strittmatter and Dr. missible diseases were reported to the Bureau of j^dgon Daland, by invitation. Health : ^^^ Deaths '^'"'^ Purchase Zantac following was the programme of the sec- Maiariai fever '. . V 6 tion in general medicine. College of Physicians, ica^HeiVlIr.":-. v.-. •.■.".■.■.■.■.".■.■.".■.■.■.". ■.•.■.■.;•.■.■.■. 11 I ^t its meeting, held February 13th: Dr. A. O. J. chickenpo.x ■' — 52 Kelly exhibited a patient recovered from Pyo- cerebrospfnaV meningitis! '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.* pneumothorax after Spontaneous Evacuation wifooping'cough:::::: ::::::;:: ::::::::::: ^5 3 through a Bronchus and Subsequent Resection Tuberculosis of the lungs 56 5G q£ ^ j^ilj . Qj- \ ji^ Eshner, Universal Congenital ^^ivei'^s .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'■'■ ■■■■'■ ■■'■■■'■■ ■■■■■■ 15 3 Atrichia; Dr. Sailer, Dr. Geisler, and Dr. Welty, ^""^"'"^ '-" ^ ^ Polycythaemia and Cyanosis, with a Report of The total deaths for the week was 538. in an Two Cases ; Dr. J. Norman Henry, Paratyphoid estimated population of 1,438,318, corresponding Fever, with a Report of Six Cases; Dr. T. L. to an annual death rate of 19.45 per 1,000 popula- Coley, Diet in Typhoid Fever, tion. The total infant mortality was 94; 75 un- The following was the programme of the Phil- der one year and 19 between one and two years. adelphia Paediatric Society at its meeting, held There were 45 still births; Online Zantac 28 males and 17 fe- February 14th: Dr. Robert S. McCombs exhib- males. The following deaths from other trans- ited an Infant with Nodding Spasm; Dr. William missible diseases were reported : Tuberculosis J. Taylor, Case of Pseudomuscular Hypertrophy ; other than tuberculosis of the lungs, 10; puerperal Dr. Buy Zantac Online J. P. Crozer Zantac 150 Mg Griffith, Case of Chronic Cere- fever, 2; dysentery, 3; diarrhoea and enteritis un- brospinal Fever, slowly recovering; Dr. George der two years, 17. The temperatures were low, W. Norris, Child with Multiple Exostoses ; Dr. ranging from a minimum of 7° on the second to J. P. Crozer Griffith, Fatal Case of Chorea, a maximum of 27° on the first. There were two Zantac Mg, flGtNtRAL. urries. ,, ,. . o • .. Ti Ti i 11 • La Grippe in Springfield, O. — There are said to Medica. Society Programmes. — The following .^° ^ ff ^ .? • ■ c ■ c ^A r\ ,, r^c-4.rxT i5 be over 2,soo cases of la grippe in Springneld, O. was the Where To Buy Zantac programme of the Society of Normal and '^ s ff f & > Zantac 300 Mg Pathological Physiology, University of Pennsyl- Scarlet Fever in Syracuse, N. Y. — Eighty-three vania, at the meeting held February 6th : The cases of scarlet fever are reported from Syracuse Experimental Production of Monsters, by Pro- jn privte houses only. fessor E. G. Conklin ; On the Action of Copper \t ir t.i. • • t-. and Copper Salts Upon 300 Mg Zantac Bacteria in Water, by ' Accident to Buy Zantac a Hudson, N. Y., Physician.--Ur Dr. N. Gildersleeve ; Studies on Cell Granula, bv H. Order Zantac Online N. Brown, of Hudson, was severely mjured Professor Leo Loeb. by a fall on the railroad track near btockport Cen- The meeting of the Philadelphia County Medi- tre, on February 8th. cal Society, held February 8th, was devoted to Ramsey County, Minn., Medical Society. — The a " symposium " on Gastric Ulcer. The follow- Ramsey County Medical Association held their ing papers were read: Dr. Joseph McFarland, annual' meeting and election of officers on Jan- ^tiology and Zantac 150 Pathology ; Dr. A. P. Francine, uary 30th. The following physicians were elected Incidence in Philadelphia ; Dr. Campbell Zantac 75 Mg P. How- officers: President, Dr. A. W. Dunning; vice-

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