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showed an cedeniatous swelling, irregularly circular, with rather sharply defined borders, six inches in diam- eter, and distinctly elevated above the surrounding- parts. At Zofran 8mg the end of twenty-four hours the swelling on the lumbar region had disappeared, but another, similar and of nearly equal proportions, had developed on the inner side of the right thigh, near the body, and after a few hours still another Zofran Iv on the left side of the face, involving the circumorbital tissues and eyelids. These disappeared in turn, but one developed on the left thigh just above the knee, and at Zofran 4mg the end of a few hours there was a large patch on the right arm. The dysenteric symptoms continued, the alKlomcn was more protuberant, and it was evident that with much gas there was now some effusion. For nearly a week there was Cost Zofran 8 Mg Zofran no great change. The eruption disappeared at one point and reappeared at others, until a large portion ^ of the cutaneous surface had been involved, but the points presented the same general character, never coalesced, and no two were ever in the same stage of development or decline. There was a degree of ten- derness on pressure, with a sensation of burning, but little pain and very slight discoloration. On the eighth dav the dysenteric symptoms had subsided ; the abdo- nn.-n had become less protuberant and, Odt Zofran whether from I lie influence of treatment I am not nblc to stale, the eruption had almost disappeared, Icavitig the patient prcstratcd, more an;emic than before, and appreciably cniaciatcd. 'i'be nephritis ctnUinuod, and the patient eventually had anasarca with ascites. Triatment failed and lUalb cTistied in November. The case from the beginning had perplexed me, and my perplexity was not lessened by the appear- ance of the eruption. My first thought was that the swelling of the abdomen and the eruption were the .forerunners of general dropsy consequent upon the condition of the heart and kidneys, but I remem- bered that dropsy from cardiac and renal disease is never confined to restricted areas in the less de- pendent parts of the body and never definitely bounded. While the abdomen was protuberant and the patches of eruption were so prominent upon the back and thighs, there Zofran 4 was no swelling of the ankles or of other dependent parts. There was not at any time the slightest discoloration of the parts of the skin involved by the eruptioii, nor was there com- plaint of itching. After thinking over the original seizure and the order in which the symptoms had appeared, I concluded that the Zofran Cost abdominal distress and the eruption were due to the same cause, and that the case was one of angeioneurotic oedema con- sequent upon disorder originating in the intestines intercurrent with nephritis. It was certainly not the . form of oedema common as a result of derangement of the circulation incident to organic disease of the heart, or Zofran Price of nephritis, acute or chronic. At the request of the family Dr. Thomas C. Hoover was called in consultation. He was, of course, given ample opportunity for examination, and stated that he thought the case one of angeio- neurotic cedema complicating, or intercurrent with, dysentery and nephritis. Case II.— The subject of the second case was Zofran Mg a Iv Zofran male of thirtv-five vears, by occupation a tailor. His general histoi^v had 'been uneventful, though for a year or Price Of Zofran more prior to the time be came under my observa- tion he had suffered somewhat from dyspepsia incident to gastric catarrh Zofran Odt of mild form, and he thought " from excess of uric acid." Two days prior to the tune he consulted me he had, while in Zofran Ondansetron usual health, and with- out assignable cause, a slight rigor followed by nausea without'vomiting or diarrhoea, but with griping Zofran 8 Mg pain. The evening before he had been annoyed by an un- easy sensation on the left side of the face, involving the' forehead, Zofran 4 Mg temple, and the cheek, and within a couple of hours the affected parts became swollen to such de- cree as to close the eve. When I saw him the eye was still swollen and the affected parts of the skin, though smooth and glistening, dense and brawny, weie not discolored and did not pit on pressure. The swelhng was distinctlv outlined and separated from the sound skin bv a raised border. The patient complained of tension', but of verv little pain. He was still suffering , from pain in the abdomen, which was somewhat dis- tended a*nd tvmpanitic. There was elevation of tem- perature to 101° F. Twentv-four hours later the swell- ing of the face had in large measure subsided, but had been followed bv another on the left side of the chest over the pector'alis muscle, extending downwards to the lower border of the mammarv region and some- what into the axilla. Within twenty-four hours an- other of the same tvpe had appeared on the right thigh. Meantime, though the bowels had been thoroughly moved by a cathartic, distention and pain of the ab- domen, though less, remained, and the fever continued. Within the next two or three days points of eruption appeared on various parts of the body, but none so large as those wliich Ondansetron Zofran have been dcscrilwd. On the fifth dav Zofran Buy the eruption had almost disai>peared, the fever subsided, there was very little intestinal distress, ,uid Cost Of Zofran ill a iVvv days the patient had regained bi< «,-,!.u:irv lioaltli

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