indexingIndexing Services Available

  1. Back of the book indexing
  2. Ebook and Embedded indexing
  3. Serials indexing

Indexing Services Include

  1. Indexes that follow all specifications and delivered on time, every time
  2. Clear communication throughout project
  3. A list of errors found in manuscript while indexing (per CMS 16.125)
  4. An hour of editing after the final index has been reviewed


My indexes are accurate, provide quick and comprehensive access to information, and reflect the aboutness of the text.

I abide by a code of professional ethics which includes adherence to copyright, privacy rights, and fair and honest business practices. Agreement specifications including deadlines are upheld.

I understand the pre-publication processes and am always flexible when unplanned circumstances arise.

I have indexed publications that included terms and concepts in the following languages:
Arabic, Burmese, Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Icelandic, Japanese, Korean, Pali, Persian, Spanish, Syriac, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese

Keyword List for Marketing

In addition to an index, your publisher may have requested an additional list of keywords for their use in marketing your book. Uniting the language of the author, publisher, and reader will produce the largest SEO and locate a greater readership for your manuscript.
List of 10-12 keywords per chapter, formatted in proper sorting order. $50


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Professional Affiliation


ASI Special Interest Group member of:

  • Digital Publications Indexing
  • History / Archaeology Indexing
  • Periodical/Database Indexing
  • Scholarly Indexing


Formal Training


Embedded Indexing and Indexing of Ebooks course
University of California at Berkeley


Taxonomy and Controlled Vocabularies course
Periodical and Database Indexing course
Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science


Indexing Theory & Application course
University of California at Berkeley


Masters of Library Science
Texas Woman’s University

Published Article

Showcasing Pro Bono Work and the Benefits of Collaboration” by Amron Gravett and Beth Nauman-Montana (Key Words: Bulletin of American Society for Indexing, 21:7).

See also Indexing FAQs and Indexing Pathfinder

Production Team of Ultimate Globetrotting Atlas, National Geographic Kids, 2014. (Left to right: Amron Gravett, indexer; Sally Isaacs, writer; Lionel Bender, production editor; Hilarie Staton, writer.

Production Team of Ultimate Globetrotting World Atlas, (National Geographic Kids) attending the 21st Century Children’s Nonfiction Conference, 2014. (Amron, indexer; Sally, writer; Lionel, editor; Hilarie, writer)


Members from American Society for Indexing / PubWest event at Tucson Festival of Books, 2014.

Indexers at American Society for Indexing / PubWest event at Tucson Festival of Books, 2014. (Cindy, Nan, Ina, Carolyn, Lucie, Janet, Amron)